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School Escape Rooms has taken the immersive Escape Room concept and adapted it for schools. For those who have yet to come across Escape Rooms, they are live action rooms in which a team are locked into a room and have to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to escape. As much as teachers might want to lock some of their pupils into a room, it is frowned upon. Instead, we have locked a key in a box. Your pupils will be working in teams to crack the codes and challenges to work out how to get into the box. This is an extremely engaging challenge for your pupils. The desire to access something which is locked away drives and motivates your pupils to crack the puzzles to eventually find that key which will stop the timer.

Your pupils will have to think for themselves. Watch how they approach the challenges with no instructions. They have to utilise all the skills of their team to work out what they are required to do and how to do it!

We have written puzzles on a variety of subjects such as history, maths and science and will be continously expanding the topics we cover.

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Why book The Problem Solving Company's School Escape Rooms workshop for your school?

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School Escape Rooms is a great tool to introduce a topic or to be used within a subject week/day. On entering the school hall your pupils will be drawn into mysterious boxes dotted around the room. As soon as the challenge begins they will be working in teams to find the key. The route, however, is full of codes and puzzles to crack all based around your chosen topic!

By bringing the workshops to you, your pupils will get the most out of the day since there is no need for the school to arrange travel to another location. We bring a large quantity of equipment and resources to have your pupils engaged from the start of the school day all the way until the bell goes to finish the day. This way your schools gets the most out of it and saves a large amount on not having to pay for travel.

What activities are available during this educational workshop?

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Currently we cover Maths, Science, Geography, World War 2, Romans, Anglo Saxons, Egyptians and generic Team Building but our range will only ever grow.

What size groups do you cater for?

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We work with a class of 30 at a time in 1 hour sessions.

Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?

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We try to make our activities as accessible to all as we can. Do let us know in advance if there are any particular needs which you would like us to cater for so we can look at how we can adapt our resources to best meet those requirements.

Do you cater for visitors with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

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Due to the hands on nature of our activities, those children with Special Educational Needs will find themselves able to access our activities with great success. Class teachers are often apprehensive about how those pupils will be able to input into the workshops but are quickly put at ease when they see how easily they take to the hands on and visual challenges.

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