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Ingestre Hall Residential Arts Centre is proudly part of Sandwell Residential Education Service (SRES) and has been delivering creative & expressive arts programmes since 1960.

At SRES we deliver a unique range of transferable learning experiences through outdoor adventure and creative arts. Our practitioners are skilled at delivering appropriately challenging, memorable experiences, and addressing a wide range of learning outcomes.

Programmes can be fully integrated with school curriculum and ethos, inclusive, designed to meet students' specific learning needs and planned so that learning is reinforced and embedded back at school - both pre & post course.

Children and staff are valued as equal partners in the residential experience and the programmes ensure that opportunities for teaching and learning are offered to both staff and students alike.

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Why book Ingestre Hall for Residential School Trips and Educational Visits?

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Ingestre Hall is a 400 year old Jacobean mansion that provides a dramatic setting for the UKs only dedicated residential arts centre.

Our approach is to give students the space to imagine, create, perform and immerse themselves in a learning theme. Our tutored programmes are all about creation rather than simply learning to perform, and there are also opportunities to try out techniques and activities that may not always be possible back at school.

Programmes are facilitated by professional artists with considerable education experience, and all participants can be accredited through Trinity College's Arts Award Discover programme.

Groups can have exclusive use of the Hall and 27 acres of landscaped grounds during their stay.

Schools are able to select which art forms they wish to participate in and ratios are typically 15 students to each practitioner.

Which Curriculum Subjects do you cater for?

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green tick Citizenship

Curriculum topics available: Team building, British Values.

Our delivery combines a learning outcome with a theme that acts as a stimulus. With a theme of your choice, the participants will explore a topic and create something original based on (for example) British Values, or a set of school values.

green tick Performing Arts

Drama at Ingestre Hall focuses on creating an original performance. Students create short scenes and sketches in small groups which are then performed to the whole group for peer feedback, before refining and then building a collaborative piece.

Many styles are used at Ingestre, including Naturalism, Brechtian Theatre, Physical Theatre and Theatre of the Absurd. Thanks to the stunning environment, it is possible to create highly engaging, immersive, promenade and site-specific performances which engages students and puts the audience at the centre of the action.

Allowing students to explore a number of situations within a controlled, safe environment provides an ideal opportunity to enhance empathy, use initiative and build confidence.

Our dance workshops are centred on creativity and performance, with participants exploring a theme and generating ideas rather than simply putting dance movements to music.

A variety of challenges help students choreograph their own movements in pairs, as small groups or individually which develops creative thought, the ability to share and discuss ideas, negotiating with and leading others. The visit culminates in a full dance performance created using both pupil choreography and teacher-led elements.

Dance styles used at Ingestre often incorporate Contemporary and Street Dance. Pupils are encouraged to express their own ideas in the studio and incorporate any dance skills that they may already have. This approach means that all abilities and levels of experience are catered for, nurtured and advanced.

green tick Music

Music workshops include composition, recording and performance. Rather than simply learning to perform a piece of music, students use creative writing to express feelings and emotions, explore stories or learning themes. This approach builds a connection with a topic and allows time to facilitate a depth of learning.

Workshops include creating and recognising rhythms, playing instruments, singing, recording, production, and the visit culminates in a live performance.

green tick Art

Curriculum topics available: Drawing, Design, Painting, Craft, Textiles, Multimedia.

Art workshops at Ingestre offer the time to explore a chosen theme with the depth and variety of techniques that may not always be possible in school. Skills and techniques used include drawing, printing, silk painting, wire, collage, canvas and textiles.

Pupils work individually and in small groups so that they can share ideas, develop reasoning skills, communication, social and team skills and increase self-efficacy. Visiting staff are encouraged to participate to learn new skills and to assist transfer of learning back to school.

At the end of the visit students host an Art Exhibition to the rest of the group which incorporates displaying and introducing the work, discussing themes, challenges, techniques and successes.

What activities are available during group visits?

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Our core activities are Drama and Visual Art. We also offer Music, Dance, Film Making, Animation and Photography.

The Ingestre team design programmes based on schools outcomes and theme as a creative stimulus. Creative works are produced and shared at the end of each residential and may be shared again in other settings.

Schools may choose to work with the Ingestre team to design arts programmes that have strategic and practical improvement outcomes; for example this has recently included identifying new ways to support SAT’s achievement, enabling children to be more resilient and independent in their learning, meeting targeted curriculum topic objectives and supporting staff to develop creative teaching and learning approaches.

Schools and groups also use Ingestre Hall as a rehearsal space.

The evening/social activities aspects of the residential includes; access to our WW1 interactive field hospital, 3D Cinema experience, night walks, sports activities, tuck and souvenir shop, games and disco areas.

What size groups do you cater for?

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Up to 90 participants + 10 visiting staff.
Exclusive use of Ingestre Hall is available for 50+ participants.

Do you offer on-site classroom facilities?

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Ingestre has professional spaces and resources including: Dance studios, live music performance studio, music technology teaching studio, music recording studio, drama studios, visual arts studios, radio suite, animation suite, 3D cinema, WW1 field hospital interactive exhibition/installation, quiet rooms, great hall, diary room

Is there first aid on site?

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Yes - all staff tutorial staff are First Aid trained.

Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?

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Yes - both for students with physical disability and learning disability. There is a 4 bed ensuite full disabled access bedroom with an adjacent 3 bed ensuite carer’s room The ground floor is wheel chair accessible and a lift provides access to two further floors. Activities can be sited according to the individual needs and abilities of participants.

Do you cater for visitors with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

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Yes - programmes can be negotiated to suit the circumstances and needs of particpants

Anything else?

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Ingestre Hall Residential Arts Centre is part of a family of 4 residential centres in Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Snowdonia and is part of Sandwell MBCs Education, Employment & Skills Directorate. We work with schools and groups from all over the UK, along with several international schools.

The Ingestre team works closely with Newave Creative Arts to advocate for and extend opportunities for children to engage in other arts and creative activities in schools and community settings.

Ingestre Arts delivers programmes throughout the year including school holiday periods and weekends.

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