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This workshop can link into your studies and cover areas such as Geography, Science, History, Design Technology and Computing

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Why book Tablet Academy's VR Workshop workshop for your school?

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A Virtual Reality Enrichment Day is designed for Key Stage 2 or 3 Pupils but can be adapted to suit other age groups. Pupils will take part in a Virtual Reality experience, which can be used to assist the teaching of a range of curriculum subjects such as Geography, History, Biology, Physics and Engineering.

We discuss the aims of the day, curate appropriate VR content and plan the sessions to focus on the key learning objectives.

The sessions are led by experienced Tablet Academy educators who will guide staff and students through the activity allowing pupils to learn and teachers to observe and learn as well.

Which Curriculum Subjects do you cater for?

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green tick Design Technology

Curriculum topics available: Virtual Reality.

The workshop can focus on the technology behind Virtual Reality and developing scenes using photos or creating 3D scenes.

green tick Computing

Curriculum topics available: Coding, Game Design.

Our VR Content Creation workshop allows students to create VR environments that they then code using block-based programming to bring their characters to life.

green tick Greeks

A tour around the Acropolis of Athens including a look at the ruins remaining today and a video simulation of what it may have looked like 2500 years ago.

green tick Egyptians

An inciteful look at the ancient Egyptians with a mixture of real-life photos, computer-generated reconstructions and 360 videos to bring the topic back to life.

green tick Vikings

Find out more about how the Vikings lived, explore their living conditions and witness a stunning 360 Viking battle.

green tick World War

Travelling back in time to World War I or II in VR gives students a different perspective on the horrors of war and allows them to empathise with the topic more than ever before.

green tick Physics

Curriculum topics available: Earth and space, Rollercoasters.

Our Earth and space VR workshop is one of our most popular and a fantastic use of VR. Students will experience a rocket blasting off, then join astronauts aboard the ISS in a stunning 360 video before exploring the whole solar system, all from the comfort of the classroom.
Within the Physics category, we also support workshops focused on Forces and Rollercoasters.

green tick Biology

Curriculum topics available: Animals including humans, Living things and habitats, Digestive System, Ecology and environment, Circulatory system , Dinosaurs, Underwater Animals and Habitats.

Exploring Biology in VR gives students a unique view of life from the inside, whether that's plants, humans, animals, fish, or dinosaurs. Simulations show how life systems work in a way that students find much easier to comprehend and will spark their curiosity.

green tick Ancient Civilisations

Curriculum topics available: Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks.

An inciteful look at the ancient Greeks or Egyptians (or both) with a mixture of real-life photos, computer-generated reconstructions and 360 videos to bring the topic back to life.

green tick Physical Geography

Curriculum topics available: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Rainforests, Mountains, Environment, Polar Regions, Coasts and seaside, Climate zones and biomes .

Flying around the world to explore Physical Geography is a natural fit for VR and allows students to see the wonders and simulate the devastating effects of nature.

green tick Environmental Geography

Curriculum topics available: Rainforest, Global warming, Climate change.

Global Warming and Climate Change have been really popular workshops where students explore the causes, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, and effects of climate change, such as the Arctic ice melting, drought, forest fires and extreme weather.

What activities are available during this educational workshop?

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All of our workshops can be tailored to the specific requirements of the school. Some choose a pure VR experience, while others go for a combination of VR and written or other activities.

What size groups do you cater for?

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Up to 30 students can take part in each session. A member of staff is required to be present during the workshop plus any additional support staff as required.

Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?

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Do you cater for visitors with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

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Find out more about this school workshop...

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