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Big Green Surf School is the sole activity provider on the stunning, National Trust managed, Crantock Beach in Cornwall, providing expert tuition in surfing, bodyboarding and stand-up-paddleboarding to all abilities. We offer fully customisable activity weeks, day trips and coaching on a private Cornish beach and would love to work with you to create the perfect trip or holiday for your students.

Additionally we provide dedicated, bespoke training and advice on key concepts that promote safety and understanding in the beach environment, as well as promoting environmental and sustainability awareness and how to protect the marine environment. We can introduce students to scientific principles that govern waves, current, sediment, tide and weather, linking in to National Curriculum objectives or lesson content provided by your school.

We’re proud to work with schools from all over the world, each with different requirements and preferences. From small groups of 10 students for an afternoon away from school, right up to groups of over 200 students on a dedicated adventure week. We’ll customise a package to your requirements, complementing key concepts being taught in the classroom if required, or just ensure that staff and students alike have an unforgettable trip!

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Why book Big Green Surf School for Residential School Trips and Educational Visits?

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We have a fantastic reputation for offering personal coaching in small groups to all of our customers and we extend that same principle to our school groups. We prefer to teach students in smaller, personal groups so that their coach can really get to know which techniques work for each student. This also enhances their safety, increases their enjoyment and ultimately fast-tracks their improvement in their chosen activity.

Our surf lessons are suitable for all abilities, from complete beginner up to competition level. Crantock has amazing waves without the crowds of nearby Newquay. This means your students can enjoy surfing safely, with the space to relax and really make the most of the expert tuition they’ll receive from our coaches.

Our stand-up-paddleboarding (SUP) sessions range from enclosed water beginner sessions and technique coaching to coastal exploration or fun and games on our 10-person “Monster SUP”. We have an exclusive launch area onto the Gannel estuary, which is one of the premier SUP locations in Cornwall, offering a safe space for anyone to learn how to paddle.

Alternatively bodyboarding is a great option for younger students or those who are less confident in the water. Bodyboarding can be a first step towards stand-up surfing or an amazing sport in it’s own rite. Additionally it’s a very accessible option for those with different needs, ensuring that every student can enjoy that amazing feeling of catching waves.

Which Curriculum Subjects do you cater for?

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All of our activities are of a very physical nature, throughout the sessions students will be learning the theories behind each movement, the best practice and how to work with their muscles and joints most efficiently. We also include warm-ups and the explain the importance of those to safe exercise.

green tick Watersports

All of our activities are water-based, aside from learning the individual activity students will be learning how to stay safe in the water, how to read currents, waves, tides and other ocean factors.

green tick Physics

If requested by the school we can explain the physical processes behind ocean currents, wave formation, forces in the nearshore environment etc. Also linking in to how the sun and the moon create the tides and why that's so important to the activities we offer.

green tick Physical Geography

Curriculum topics available: Coasts and seaside.

All of our instructors have in-depth knowledge of the coast and seaside environment. It's something which as surfers and watersports enthusiasts underpins our chosen activities. This is something that's ingrained in all of the coaching we give, regardless of the activity.

green tick Environmental Geography

Curriculum topics available: Plastic pollution.

We are proud to be part of Surfers Against Sewage's 250 Club, proving our commitment to reducing all forms of pollution in the marine environment. We regularly conduct beach-cleans with our groups to show them the extent of plastic pollution in our marine environment and it's something which is a real passion of ours. We are lucky to have the Gannel estuary on our doorstep which is an incredible conservation area hosting a huge variety of unique flora and fauna, giving students real-life experience of this amazing environment.

What activities are available during group visits?

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All of our school packages are fully customisable and we tailor each visit specifically to your school’s needs. Here’s an example of what a 1 day activity package for a group of 30 students could look like:
09:00 - Arrive at Crantock Beach for welcome and briefing
09:30 - Issuing wetsuits & begin getting changed
10:00 - Head to the water’s edge in 5 groups 6 students, each with their own instructor, safety briefing and basic prone (lying down) surfing tuition.
10:20 - Enter water to practice prone surfing techniques with personal feedback for every student.
10:45 - Return to beach to recap technique and teach students how to go from lying to standing on the board (pop-up).
11:00 - Hit the water again to try standing up on a surfboard for the first time under the supervision of instructors. Feedback on every wave and assistance for everyone.
11:30 - Return to the beach for a tweak up of techniques, covering common mistakes and introducing new challenges where needed.
11:40 - Back into the water for the last spell of surfing including tricks and games.
12:00 - Catch last wave, quick de-brief at the water’s edge then back to base to store equipment and change out of wetsuits.
12:30 - Lunch which can either be brought by the school/students or which we can arrange to provided for you.
13:15 - Land-based tuition covering beach safety, reading waves, environment & sustainability in the beach environment. We do this in a dynamic, interactive way whilst walking around the beach and dunes to show students real examples of what we’re talking about. Can also tie into a beach-clean if the school would like.
13:45 - Start to change into wetsuits again.
14:00 - Head to the water’s edge to begin SUP Lesson. First we start with a safety brief and explanation of what will be happening, what’s expected of the students and what they’ll be doing.
14:20 - Launch the paddleboards onto the estuary, we use the last of the incoming tide to help us progress up the estuary, tour the students around this amazing venue and then use the draining tide to help us on our way back to the exit point. This tour lasts approximately 2 hours in total, during which time the instructors will not only be teaching the students the paddling technique and balance drills, but explaining the amazing bio-diversity and wildlife we have the Gannel, covering the rich mining and maritime history that this stretch of water holds, showing off some of the old ruins and features along the way, as well as playing games and team-work challenges to the students.
16:00 - Return to the beach for a final debrief. Students stow equipment and get changed out of wetsuits.
16:30 - Final de-brief, we give out awards and prizes for achievements throughout the day. Answer any final questions before students depart.

As mentioned above all of our school packages are bespoke and we’ll work with you to ensure that all participants have a rich and fulfilling experience whichever activities you choose to do!

What size groups do you cater for?

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Fully customisable packages for any group size. From as few as 10 students up to 200+ we customise bespoke packages to ensure everyone's enjoyment.

Do you offer on-site classroom facilities?

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We are based directly on the beach so have limited facilities, however there are public toilets just 30m from the surf school, we can store all belongings securely whilst participating in our activities and the beach has ample areas for eating lunch and resting between activities. During the summer months (April to October) there is a mobile catering truck on the beach selling hot & cold drinks, sandwiches snacks and ice-creams. We also work closely with them and are able to arrange packed lunches for all participants, please get in touch for more details. Please ensure all students bring waterproof jackets if we are forecast inclement weather.

Is there first aid on site?

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All of our coaches hold full Beach Lifeguard qualifications, nationally and internationally recognised coaching qualifications and are DBS checked. Additionally, we conduct regular in-house training and enhanced training with the RNLI to ensure the safety of our clients. We have an extensive first-aid box at the main surf school and there will be a activity specific first-aid bag with the groups whilst participating in any of our activities.

Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?

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The Big Green Surf School team has extensive experience working with students with a range of differing needs, including behavioural disorders, learning difficulties and physical disabilities. Our coaches are passionate about ensuring all students have the same opportunity to enjoy the ocean. The nature of the beach environment does mean some adaptations can be a challenge however we are committed to find a solution to any challenges. If you have any specific queries then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can make sure our activities are fully inclusive for all students.

Anything else?

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At Big Green Surf School our focus has always and will always be on ensuring all of our students stay safe and enjoy whichever activity they are participating in. Whilst we want everyone to improve and get the most out of our coaching, the enjoyment is by far the most important thing and we will ensure that all students, regardless of ability have a great time and want to come back for more. We focus on inclusion, participation and enjoyment far more than ability and targets for everyone who joins us.
In that vein we work closely with other local businesses that share our ethos and as such are able to extend our packages and arrange a number of other activities through other providers with the same great service. If you’re interested in making this a residential trip or wish to include an activity which we don’t offer ourselves, please get in touch as we may be able to bring one of our partners on board to give you the package which you desire.

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