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Education Group is the leading school workshop company. We have been delivering our own workshops for over 20 years, across the UK, as well as in the USA and Australia.

We develop our own workshops in conjunction with experts from music, dance, art, science and history. They are aligned to key targets within the National Curriculum to bring the subjects to life for the children. We train and equip our own facilitators who are professionals in their field, often actors, musicians and performers from the top colleges.

The workshops consistently receive outstanding feedback from teachers and children. As the workshops are fully interactive, they are always memorable and great fun. We listen to feedback to continuously improve and develop new workshops to meet the needs of schools, such as Maypole dancing and Stone Age life, both introduced this summer.

Our workshops complement many special celebration events. For example African drumming is suitable for Black History Month, bauble making at Christmas.

Our workshops cost from as little as £1.50 per child. We work with up to eight classes in a day and deliver workshops in around 50 schools a day: millions of children have been delighted and inspired by an Education Group workshop.

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Why book Education Group for educational workshops into your school?

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Virtual Reality transports you to places you cannot easily visit. With this fascinating workshop, your class will be part of a dance and didgeridoo performance, complete a bush tucker experience and throw a boomerang.

The Pamagirri Aboriginal group transport viewers in a full 360 degree view to the Far North Queensland rainforest. The workshop includes interactive educational games, as well as an incredible CGI video about the Dreamtime to amaze your class.

Our facilitators provide a fully-networked class set of headsets, delivering our own software, CGI and games.

This is VR as a powerful educational tool that excites, inspires and delivers a shared experience.

Which Curriculum Subjects do you cater for?

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green tick Citizenship

Curriculum topics available: National, regional, religious and ethnic identitie.

This interactive workshop explores the art, dance and legends of one group of Aboriginal people.

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Children are transported to the centre of a dance circle with Aboriginal warriors portraying different legends all around them.

green tick Music

The evocative sound of the didgeridoo, tap sticks and other percussion and songs fill the room.

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Our software and CGI show the art and legends of the Dreamtime.

green tick Ancient Civilisations

Australia’s indigenous culture is one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. This VR experience uses our own software to transport viewers to Far North Queensland to learn about the Pamigirri people.

What size groups do you cater for?

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We can work with up to 200 children in six sessions per day.

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