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Science can definitely be one of the more difficult school subjects in which to inspire and engage pupils. It certainly was at my school, where an unfortunate trio of drab individuals failed spectacularly to deliver what was actually a thoroughly fascinating subject. Often, scientific ideas are quite complicated to fully understand, especially for children at primary level, so practical work is essential. In addition, a recent report issued by the Association for Science Education (ASE) concluded that outdoor learning was necessary when teaching science. Giving pupils the ability to directly link first hand experience with classroom ideas will enable pupils at any key stage to get the most from the subject.

Fortunately there are a wide range of excellent venues that will help your pupils develop a love of science, from the traditional, such as wildlife centres promoting biodiversity, and transport museums who chart the historical development of scientific achievement, to the more modern dedicated science centres who offer high tech, interactive classroom style learning.

We have divided our school visit recommendations between the three core areas of science, though there is a fair amount of cross over between each so be sure to take a look at all three.

Liverpool Science Park

Liverpool Science ParkLiverpool Science ParkLiverpool Science Park

Popular Science Trip, September 2017: Liverpool Science Park
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