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Please note: Workshops only - We visit you!
We have lived as Stone Age people in the Wilds of America with no modern equipment roaming the North Cascades as true nomadic hunter gatherers.

We teach Stone Age education skills using the woodlands as an outdoor classroom. We also travel out to schools around the UK to offer a real Caveman in your classroom type experience. Our sessions are always highly interactive, educational and hands-on.

Our Sticks and Stone Age programme brings the subject alive and encourages children to connect with their history. We pass around the tools, the furs and containers of the past making the Stone Age subject a 3D experience. Choose from our list of activities for your hands on workshops. Get messy with cave art, light up our cave with primitive lamps, learn the process of making a stone tool or build a shelter just like our Mesolithic ancestors and more.

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Why are Outback 2 Basics a great choice for bringing fun workshops into your school?

We are authentic in our teaching sharing our own experiences of living as Stone Age people with no modern equipment exploring the North Cascades as nomadic hunter gatherers and have real stories of life in a cave, eating bugs and beasts and hunting with a bow and arrow for our dinner.

The tools and clothes of the past get handed around the children, they can try an edible bug and jerky (optional) all giving them a chance to take a step into the past to connect with our stone age ancestors. Our woodlands offer a great stage as a backdrop to illuminate the Stone Age topic. We even have our own Mammoth!!!!!!

Activities available during group visits

We run various activities but our standard is the interactive show and tell.

For a half day you can choose one activity and for a full day you can choose 2 activities.

Example activities;

Stone tools – Using slate and sandstone learn the process of making simple blades, arrow heads and scrapping tools.
Mesolithic shelters – using natural materials create a natural shelter much like that of our Mesolithic hunter gatherer ancestors.
Bare hands cooking – Using simple methods cook bread without pots and pans
Hunting and gathering – Learn some simple tracking methods and try your hand at some target practice with bows and arrows, atal atlas and sling shot.
Fat lamps – Using clay learn about the materials our ancestors would have used to create simple illuminations.
Natural paints and cave art – Try your hand at making markings with natural paints and dyes to create cave art on a piece of fabric to take back to school.
Primitive pots – Use clay to create a traditional pot our ancestors would have used to cook on the fire with.
Wilderness walk –Take a short walk to learn about the many uses of various common plants and trees.

What size groups do you cater for?

Minimum group 25 - Please contact us for maximum group size.

Do you offer on-site classroom facilities?

Woodland covered areas 3 compost toilets Parachute area for teaching Roundhouse with wood burner Dining tarpaulin covered area with tables and benches

Is there first aid on site?


Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?

We are based in a woodland so we recommend a pre visit by staff if you need certain facilities

Do you cater for visitors with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?


Anything else?


“One of the best educational trips we have ever been on. The opportunities and activities for the children were brilliant and we all loved every minute. The course is an absolute credit to yourselves, thankyou Naomi.” – Assistant head, Tunstall School.

"The most amazing day I've had in my job & the perfect end to our Stone Age topic. Dan is fantastic & his resources are fascinating, as are his stories of living as a Stone Age tribesman! Not sure who actually enjoyed themselves more, the children or us staff! I would highly recommend you to anyone and have shared your website on our class page of our school website too. I cannot say thank you enough." Grangehurst Primary, Coventry

Current School Trip Offer

Offer: Stone Age Interactive Session ONLY

We can now offer a new and exciting way to experience the Stone Age.

Why not have a Caveman come into your school!

He’ll journey out to you bringing with him all of his crafts and prehistoric tools. Wearing full authentic caveman clothes, he will deliver an engaging interactive timeline from the Palaeolithic through to the Neolithic and modern day.

He’ll bring these changes to life and form links with the new Yr3 national curriculum.

Our caveman will hand around his furs and animal skins, invite you to try his favourite snack of edible bugs and jerky and take you on a journey with obsidian and flint blades. He’ll tell you stories of hunting with bone knifes, of shooting bows and arrows and show you the woven baskets and clothes that he used daily.

The session lasts 2.5 hours and can accommodate up to 2 classes at one time.

Cost: £200

​For more information and/or booking a session please contact us. We'd be happy to talk through any questions.

"Today with Outback2basics was nothing short of exceptional. All the children were absolutely full of it when we arrived back at school and couldn't wait to tell their parents all about the incredible day. The aura that the children experienced today is something I imagine will stick with them forever. Dan was amazing,witty and a real ambassador for 'the outdoors' which i hope will encourage the children to go out more in the future!

Thank you again for an inspirational day!"

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